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Successful nuclear power generation depends on safe, reliable equipment. ITT offers extensive, innovative products and services that meet the demanding requirements of nuclear power plants. The ITT valves division maintains the ASME Section III nuclear power plant components “N” stamp - classes 2 & 3 and complies with ANSI B31.1 power piping codes. Goulds pumps can also be certified with the Nuclear “N” stamp through our exclusive nuclear partner HydroAire.
  •  Reactor Cooling and Moderation

    Reactor Cooling and Moderation

    ITT’s Dia-Flo diaphragm valves and Cam-Tite ball valves are used extensively throughout the reactor. They are most commonly found in reactor cooling (where heavy water or ultrapure light water is the coolant), boron regeneration (to maintain boric acid concentration of ~12%), and the Chemical and Volume Control System (CVCS).
  • Condensate


    ITT provides power plant operators with a wide range of highly reliable and efficient pumps and systems for turbine, generator, and condensate applications, often operating with adverse suction conditions and fluctuating loads.
  • Cooling/Circulating


    ITT has a long list of references for pumps in main cooling water (PAC), secondary cooling water circulation (PC), intermediate cooling water circulation (PG), and blow down service (PS). Depending on performance requirements, NPSHR and available pump space, ITT will supply the right pump for your service. ITT also provides valves (PAB, PCB, PGA, PGB) for processing cooling water.
  • Steam Generation Systems

    Steam Generation Systems

    ITT’s Dia-Flo diaphragm valves and Cam-Tite ball valves have been installed and are still running throughout generators for the past forty years.
  • Demineralization


    The demineralizer process purifies water by the ion exchange method, reducing the amount of ions in the salt solution. Within this process, weir diaphragm valves are utilized. ITT’s Dia-Flo diaphragm valves are used extensively on demineralizers to provide water to the boiler front because of its clean, versatile design and ease of operation.
  • Waste Systems

    Waste Systems

    When treating radioactive waste, ITT’s Dia-Flo diaphragm valves and Cam-Tite ball valves are used to handle liquids, solids, and gases.
  • Service Water and Liquid Holding Tank

    Service Water and Liquid Holding Tank

    Water is supplied from an abundant source to a storage basin for generator hydrogen gas cooler, stator cooling, generator exciter cooler, air compressor after-cooler, containment fan cooler units, feedwater pump oil and motor coolers, condensate pump oil and motor coolers, turbine oil cooler, and diesel generators. ITT manufactures a wide range of pumps and valves to handle water from these sources.
  • Monitoring and Control

    Monitoring and Control

    ITT provides an array of integrated service solutions, including preventive monitoring, contract maintenance, emergency field service, engineered upgrades, inventory management, and overhauls for pumps and other rotating equipment.

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